All about Loveabowl

Loveabowl’s Beginnings

Loveabowl founder, Claire has worked in the events industry for over 10 years and has always had a real passion for cooking. She loves nothing more than finding new recipes, testing them out and cooking for her family and friends.

“I love to cook up the most colourful plant based meals making sure that everyone can enjoy them, vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.”

Ecologically Conscious

Having become increasingly conscious about the use of plastic and the effects it has on the environment, Claire wants to redefine how Brighton does food delivery and help create a more healthy and ecologically friendly takeaway.  One that doesn’t involve growing a mountain of plastic food containers.

“You will feel good to know that you are doing your bit to help move Brighton to a more sustainable future whilst still enjoying your takeaway”.

Global Inspiration

After a fair bit of exploring and having been to some pretty epic countries, Claire has gained a real passion for cooking up food from different corners of the world, adapting them for a plant based diet, adding and swapping in different ingredients so that are more readily available in the UK.

The Tiffin

After deciding to start a meal delivery service, the quest for a sustainable container to deliver the food in began. Claire didn’t want to use any plastic at all and the idea of compostable containers didn’t quite fit, as they are rarely composted.

The idea of a tiffin came about whilst travelling around India.  Traditional Indian tiffin containers have been used for hundreds of years to transport healthy, home cooked lunches to workers every day and they are robust enough to be used over and over again.

These traditional stainless steel tiffin containers were the ideal solution and perfect to use for Loveabowl.

The tiffins that Claire has chosen have 4 stackable layers and being made out of stainless steel, keep your food warm. They can even be popped directly into the oven if you wanted to eat later.

So that Claire can concentrate on making really good, healthy meals, she offers one style of 4-tier meal every week. Each meal has 4 layers of different food and has been carefully created from a global pallet.


Finally, Claire believes that tiffin meals are a really fun way to eat and share with family & friends. 

“I hope you will find there is something really special about receiving your Loveabowl tiffin, and I hope that you enjoy the food as much as I have enjoyed creating it”.

Rustic Banquets & Catering

Loveabowl is available for unique rustic banquets, intimate gatherings, and relaxed social events.

Our sister company, Loveabell has a selection of beautiful canvas tents which we can erect for you and your friends to eat in, complete with colourful rugs, low level Indian bajot tables, lanterns, floor cushions and bunting.


Check out Loveabell Tents

If you have a space or are hiring a room, we will come and decorate this for you or simply turn up and serve our delicious tiffin meals.

Each guest receives an individual 4 tiered tiffin containing 4 delicious dishes, all prepared in advance in our kitchen.

You can choose from many different culinary regions and we can cater for as little as 10 and up to 100 guests.

Allergy Information

Please note that each meal may contain nuts, soy, cereals, celery, mustard, lupins, sulphites, sesame seeds and other possible allergens.  Please check the label on the tiffins if you have any allergies. 

Please contact us for further information.


The Weekly Menu

If you would like to know what we are cooking each week, please fill in your name and email and click the Sign Me Up button to be kept informed.