Loveabowl Tiffins

We serve a different one of these delicious tiffin meals every week.
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South Indian Curry  |  £25

Sri Lankan Curry  |  £25

Thai Red Curry  |  £25

Thai Green Curry  |  £25

Japanese Curry  |  £25

Indonesian Curry  |  £25

Moroccan Tagine  |  £25

Mexican Chilli  |  £25

British Indian Curry  |  £25

Parsi Dhansak curry  |  £25

Allergy Information

Please note that each meal may contain nuts, soy, cereals, celery, mustard, lupins, sulphites, sesame seeds and other possible allergens.  Please check the label on the tiffins if you have any allergies. 

Please contact us for further information.


The Weekly Menu

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